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-|WBG|- Players must have the Following Requirements during scrims:

Our clan is open for anyone to join as long as you pass our recruitment process. As a big clan, we have players of all skill-levels.
Some might be skilled at the game while others might still be learning. You can scrim/war with any clan you like but please note the difference between a simple war and an official war. A war will only be called official if members of the War-Team play. The rules below should be followed by anyone willing to scrim.

1. You must have a communication software called TeamSpeak.
2. You must have headphones and a working Microphone.

Note: You might be able to play a war without the two but do not be offended if you're not allowed to play just because you do not have the equipment.

An official war should be identified by the war-team before the start of the war. If any other member starts a war, players of the war team would not be allowed to ask for substitutes or hijack the war unless the players who started the war themselves want a substitute to play for them. A list of war-team members will be mentioned in the Clan only section and any of them might act as War-Captains during a scrim.

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